There is nothing sweeter than the smell of pure vanilla. It is warming, comforting, and crowd-pleasing.

Vanilla infused jojoba oil is one of my easiest and most used DIY projects. It requires two ingredients, two weeks of waiting, but yields an oil that I use over and over. 

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What is Vanilla Infused Jojoba?

Vanilla infused jojoba is an aromatic infused oil. 

Basically, Vanilla oleoresin lends its lovely smell to jojoba oil. Just like you would infuse herbs into oil, the same thing happens with vanilla oleoresin.

You can use this delicious oil in everything from lip balms to body butters. I love to use it plain too! 

What is Vanilla Oleoresin?

Vanilla oleoresin is a thicker oil and generally has a strong vanilla aroma.

It is produced much like vanilla extract is made, but the solvent (generally ethanol) is removed. This leaves behind a thicker and somewhat stronger oil (Source: AromaWeb).

Vanilla oleoresin will not fully mix with oil. When I added it to my jojoba, it clouded and then settled at the bottom. See the image below:

When I shook my jar, the vanilla would mix and then slowly gravitate toward the bottom again separating from the jojoba oil. 

However, even though the vanilla and jojoba separate, the aroma still infused! Plant magic at its finest. 

How to make Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil

Making vanilla infused jojoba is easy!

My recipe is based off of this one from the Aromahead Institute. My ratios are a little different, but the method is the same. 

You will need:


This recipe can be used over and over as long as the shelf life of your oil does not expire. 

  1. Clean and sterilize your mason jar
  2. Add 1 cup jojoba oil to your jar
  3. Remove the dropper cap from your Vanilla Oleoresin and add 0.5 mL to your mason jar
  4. Cap tightly and shake well
  5. Allow to sit in a cool, dry place for 2 weeks or more, shaking every so often
  6. When you have the desired strength, gently pour out jojoba oil taking care to leave the vanilla oleoresin at the bottom of your jar
  7. You can add more oil to the oleoresin and start making more vanilla infused oil! 
  • Vanilla oleoresin has a shelf life of approximately 3-4 years depending on storage conditions. (Source: Plant Therapy)
  • Jojoba oil has a shelf life of approximately 2 years. (Source: SoapQueen)

Have you ever made Vanilla infused oil? I’d love to hear about your projects in the comments!